Warmly celebrate Tang Zong won the Yangzhong city "five one labor medal"

A few days ago, the city held a celebration of the "five one" international labor day conference, a grand ceremony in recognition of the city's honorary title of advanced collectives and individuals.
In recognition of the general assembly, Tang Chongguo, general manager of the group won the five one labor medal, complete sets of components assembly group won the workers vanguard". Since the plant, Xiangrong Group in-depth study and implement the national and provincial spirit, under the guidance of the trade union at the next higher level, scientific development, production safety, won the a batch of provincial and municipal honor, emerged in a number of advanced producer.
Performance is superior to group work, group company will take this meeting as an opportunity, thoroughly implement the spirit of the general assembly, Yangzhong spiritual practice, give full play to the role of the working class and the labouring masses in enterprise development, continue to span development for the realization of Yangzhong, Yangzhong happiness construction to contribute.

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