The group held the third staff table tennis match

In order to enrich Xiangrong Group employees amateur life, and enhance the employee's health, training staff spirit of unity and cooperation, in the group of meticulous organization, proper arrangements, on the afternoon of May 25, "Xiangrong group the third session of the employees table tennis match" finally in Xiangrong group table tennis room opened the curtain. The game is divided into: Men's singles, women's singles two parts game with out of the system, the drawing of lots to choose the opponent.
Game scene of colorful, sideways grab and pull, that COSCO, backhand shot hit the best scenes, such as emerging, penhold grip, grip, spiking, spin on the ball, curve ball, have been demonstrated one by one, from time to time the game came loud cheers and excitement "strike" sound continuously. Finally, after an afternoon of fierce fighting, Zhu Jingjing won the men's singles champion, Xi precious and Quanbing respectively men's singles runner up and third place, Mei Xiang sun won the women's singles champion, Zhu Lin won the women's singles runner up.
The table tennis competition not only to the employees of the company provides - a strong physique, learn skills of the platform, but also further active in the cultural and sports life of employees, more increase among the staff of friendship, enhance the company's unity, enable you to more full of enthusiasm and good mental state, devote themselves to work to play to the positive role in promoting.

Last:Xiangrong won the city level of production safety integrity of enterprise AAA <

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